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Moscow Entrepreneur Association (MEA), founded in 1989, is the oldest interregional public organization of entrepreneurs in Russia. Businessmen from 51 regions of Russia, as well as from other countries, work in 33 committees of the Association.

The Association collaborates with the Presidential Administration, Russian Federation, Subjects of Russian Federation, and Moscow governments, Councils of State Duma, Federation of the Federal Assembly, apparatuses of presidential plenipotentiaries in the federal districts of Russian Federation, regional administrations, Legislative Assemblies of the regions and over 40 public entrepreneur organizations.

Many undertakings in Russia were first put into practice by the Association, including establishing the first Business Club in 1989, the first corporate business journal, the first manual for running a small business in 25 volumes - УSmall Business EncyclopediaФ, and the unique Museum of Russian Entrepreneurship History. Also, the first time treaty of cooperation in Russia between two entrepreneur associations was signed.

A number of federal and municipal regulations creating a better business environment were among the most important results of MEAТs work. Another important result of the AssociationТs scientific and practical work was the УLand Appraisal Atlas of the Moscow CityФ, published by УEconomicaФ in 1999 for the first time in the Russian history, for the 10th MEA anniversary.

In 2002, during the 5th MEA Congress, Russia Managers Council joined MEA and liquidated itself as a juridical person. This event was an amalgamation of the two oldest public organizations in Russia and gave start to the process of joining of other organizations, associations and unions with their full complement with MEA.

Nowadays MEA is a powerful public organization capable of protecting member interests (as employers, manufacturers and service providers) on every stage of business development. A large number of members makes it possible to keep the membership fees reasonably low.

The Association is an effective business instrument in Moscow attracting active local and international businessmen. The Association assists its members in activities, such as advancing orders, attracting investments, providing consulting, auditing and legal services, helping to optimize accounting, developing business plans, technical and economical justifications, organizing free courses, assisting in the search and registration of property for lease or purchase. The Association helps businessmen to organize business and finance projects, including financing by grants from other countries.

The database of memberТs supply and demand of services makes the search for partners, both within Russia and outside, fast and simple.

In cooperation with partners from other countries, the Moscow Entrepreneur Association has developed a special manufacturersТ crediting program. This crediting program provides equipment at a variety of lease plans, including the one most competitive in the context of todayТs realities. The crediting program also provides promotional services for Russian products on the world markets.

The leading specialists of MEA Banking Committee share years of experience in banking and related areas with entrepreneurs, who need help resolving problems related to their management activities and in realizing promising projects.

Potential creditors and investors can publish their proposals and offers at no cost on the Internet site www.ivr.ru. This site is visited by hundreds of investment specialists daily, by using an Internet-based catalog of investment projects.

MEA Exhibition Committee organizes expositions of Russian products in Russia and worldwide, and meetings between Russian entrepreneurs with CIS and other countriesТ officials. УMEA-EXPOФ is the MEA exposition company.

Arbitration Court was created within the Association. The main goals are settlement efficiency, finality, economy and competence.

Press-center and the Association Club organize business meetings with well-known politicians and heads of ministries and departments. They also conduct highly efficient advertisement campaigns.

Guiding literature regarding business organization and other economic and business topics is available for MEA members at no cost.

The Association publishes annual catalogues, monthly newspapers: УMoscow EntrepreneurФ and УMessenger of Intellectual PropertyФ, and periodical theme magazines: УISOTФ, УThe IntegralФ, УThe Office MattersФ, УThe SecretaryФ, УAll Over the CountryФ, and УFasonФ. In addition, the Association also publishes informational and methodical literature about owning and organizing a business and other areas of business and economics. The organization has a web site: www.rusbusiness.org.

MEA runs large-scale programs on a regular basis, both in Russia and internationally. For instance, during the last three years Investment and Economic Congresses were organized in the USA (Las Vegas), Australia (Sidney), Mexico (Acapulco) and Israel (Eilat). In addition, an Investment Forum of representatives from countries of Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation was held in Moscow. A meeting of Christian Orthodox country leaders dedicated to the third Millennium took place in Bethlehem in 2000 and numerous other events were organized.

MEA regularly initiates various charitable actions, among them helping Moscow orphanages and jointly conducting a charitable auction dedicated to September 11with the New York City administration. The money collected from this event was transferred to the victimsТ relief fund. MEA organizes charitable marathons on TV in favor of needy children, helps Russians abroad, and conducts many other actions.

A large number of various competitions are run under the aegis of the Association, including the УLeading Hi-Tech DeveloperФ children contest, which awards special prizes for the best economics-related work and other business-related events.

The Association supports the development of a modern Russian art museum, which has over 300 paintings that were bought from American and European auctions.

Leading journalists covering economics-related topics are annually awarded with УBusiness Circles AwardФ and with all-Russian award УPRESSzvanieФ jointly by MEA and Moscow Journalists Union.

Annual New Year receptions of Business Circles in Kremlin Congress Center and other important cultural and business events give businessmen opportunities to communicate to each other as well as with politicians, representatives of business and cultural elite from the whole country, and state officials of all levels.

In cooperation with the Museum of Russian Entrepreneurship History established by the Association, prominent social events are conducted, including the Ceremony of Presentation of the УSlava RossiiФ order. In addition to historical rarities, the Museum collections of documental and material exhibits include pieces from the modern era of entrepreneurship in Russia. The museum has developed into a center that brings together experts from the Institute of Russian History of the Russian Academy of Science (RAS) and from the Economy Institute of RAS, and descendants of the famous Russian business families. The Museum participates in the processes of organizing scientific seminars and conferences, producing documentary films, and publishing materials related to the Russian business history. During eleven years of life, the Museum has fostered the formation of societyТs positive attitude toward entrepreneurship as an important social institution.

The experience, acquired by MEA in helping entrepreneurs, manufacturers and bankers, well-established mechanisms of interaction with Legislative, Executive and Judicial institutes, public and business structures, and political and business elite of Russia, allows MEA to remain the oldest existing and one of the leading entrepreneur organizations of the country.

In the United States the interests of Moscow Entrepreneur Association are represented by Mid-Atlantic Russia Business Council (MARBC), an organization co-founded by MEA. MARBC is the leading nonprofit organization in Mid-Atlantic region. Its activities are directed toward the development of Russian-American business partnerships

MEA Website: www.rusbusiness.org


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